How To Reduce Divorce Stress

To help manage stress following divorce, it is prudent to do certain supportive things to help you enjoy life and be fit. Below are some of the customs to help you deal with such situation.. Find things that will help you emotionally and physically. When faced with stress due to divorce usually one suffers mentally and physically.

Self-esteem is down you are not motivated to move on with your normal life and one may end to self-denial. To help nurture the emotions, find an activity that you find interesting to do. Such activities may include book reading, participating in sports, cooking your best food, try to develop new hobbies to help you deviate from your past thinking.

In addition, those people around you will matter a lot .Interact with those who have positive thinking. Be interactive in all your ideas. Develop new ways of coping with your problems and at the end, you will overcome the situation facing you.

Allow yourself sometime to feel
It is always normal to have emotions they be positive or negative. The role emotions play is very important. They determine the quality of life one will have or experience. Do not allow your emotions take control of your lifelike take for instance if you do not take control of your emotions you may find yourself quarreling with all your friends, children and even parents.

Do not let emotion take you to a point of taking drugs or alcohol so that you can forget about the situation. This will be a destructive activity that will further ruin your life. Avoid being abusive due to how you feel toward your situation. When you cannot handle the situation, find an alternative to vent and cope with that feeling.

Avoid making hasty decisions

During such hard stressful time, it is wise to take time before making any decision. Decisions made, should be carefully thought and the consequences known. Any decision made can change your life either positively or negatively. Take time to consider your actions and never make any hasty decision

Have time for fun

At such time, never try to isolate yourself from people. Try to maintain closer links with friends and have fun. Laugh at time and play your favorite games. Socialize with friends and share your life stories. Participate in recreational activities. When you have fun, your mind will forget all your problems and this will help in managing stress.

Changing your expectation

During the marriage, nobody had control over the feeling of the other. During a divorce control is even lost completely.Now trying to control anything about your spouse is nothing just let go. Try to accept the outcome. The more you stick to your past expectations the more you get frustrated. Build yourself and learn that you are never the same again .Establish your new self and set your own expectation and plan on how to accomplish them.

Regular exercise

Physical activity helps our body keep fit. Regular exercises are vital in making you active and help keep emotions better. Understanding that even at the hardest time, try and exercise. This will help you much in managing your stress. It is better not to over work yourself at such time just maintain a minimum exercise .When you exercise it helps your mind be occupied and you will be able to limit your thinking.

Try adjusting yourself to divorce

Although adjusting to divorce may take time to accept and adapt to the changes is important. In such a case individual should accept the fact that divorce has taken place and nothing could be done. Their identity is no longer tied to their former spouse and there is a need to establish a new one. Such individuals should try to convince themselves that their relationship is over and it is time to move on with the new life.

After they separate they should try to create peace and realize that hatred creates more nastiness. When they realize this, it will bring a balanced view of how the relationships are. To such extent, they can forgive and be able to appreciate each other and realize their worth.At times you will find spouses after they break up they start blaming each other .Each an individual should see the part he/she played in that break up and honestly accept the mistake to prevent such occurrence in future relationships.

Try balancing being a single parent and a single person

It is a hard experience to be a single parent .Try to adjust to all responsibilities played by both parent to try to ensure that there is a balance in your children life. Find other sources of support to help you. Start being competent about your status and move on with your life.

In conclusion, it will come to your realization that dealing with stress due to divorce is not an easy task. There are so many sources of stress and what matters most is the way you cope with such situations. All you will need is much time to adjust to the new environment, develop new ways of dealing with your anger, and try to develop a positive attitude towards yourself and other people. It may take time to adjust, but you will realize with time you will reestablish yourself again. The most crucial thing is to focus and move forward. source:

Proper Nutrition Eases Divorce Stress

Study has revealed that food consumed in reasonable levels can help battle stress. With the right nutrition, you will have taken a constructive step, as you will supply your body with the necessary vigor and nutrient blend required to face the challenge of the day

This is because foodstuff can provide us the feeling of contentment, control and command that we require all through divorce situation. For this reason, it is not a shocker to find out that when stress set in, our body becomes resistant to certain foods. This can eventually result to overweight, persistent heart condition among other body ailment.

Signs proving you are under stress

1. Skipping meals: Many individuals under stress find themselves rushing out of their place of living without having a healthy breakfast. This makes them to feel hungry during the day thus turning to unhealthy fast foods which increases strain to their body.

2. Eating the wrong foods: Due to increase in Cortisol, which is a stress hormone, many stressed individuals tend to crave for meals that are high in salt, sugar and fat. The consistent consumption of foods with added sugar and salt can increase stress to body detoxification process further increasing stress. On the other hand, increased fat consumption can increase the chances of becoming obese, or acquiring certain body disorders such as cardiovascular complications and high blood pressure.

3. Drinking too much coffee: Individuals under stress usually turn to coffee drinks with a motive of jumpstarting themselves the following day. Research has shown that coffee has a certain level of caffeine. Caffeine being a stimulant on the other hand can increase blood pressure, a response that is not suitable for any stressed individual.

4. Crash diets: Due to parallel decrease in serotonin and increase in Cortisol levels, stressed individuals usually gain weight. This forces such individuals to eat less food or turn to crash fad diets in order to burn the excess fat. Diets that are not balanced with complex carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vegetables and fruits can often decrease body immunity thus leading to the onset of different body ailments.

5. Fast foods: Opposite to the past generations, many individuals today turn to readymade fast foods. Studies have shown that certain fast foods contain added sugars, additives and fats that can increase complications in the body further causing physical stress.




Ways to manage stress with better nutrition

As we become obsessed by various events caused by divorce our physical and mental systems become stressed, most of the time we turn to poor nutritional choices, which further increases the stress levels within our systems. Studies have shown that maintaining a healthy diet and getting good nutrition is the first and the most important step towards stress management.

Some of the nutritional choices include:

1. Eat breakfast: Sometime, we tend to rationalize breakfast with the excuse that we are not hungry. However, the truth is that breakfast can help reduce stress caused by hangover and it is the best way to improve body energy and maintain a stable blood sugar. This will make you function properly during the whole process.

2. Opt for green tea: Caffeine increases stress to the body system. However, you can wean yourself from caffeine by drinking green tea instead. Green tea is the best alternative since it has a soothing taste and it has loads of antioxidants that improve mental performance and reduce the stress levels.

3. Healthy munches: Stressed individuals usually develop a pattern of snacking cheese, chips among other less healthy munchies. To prevent such unhealthy diet, replace them with celery sticks, edamame, carrot sticks and sunflower seeds. Such snacks will provide the required minerals and vitamins, which are essential to the body.

4. Healthy supplements: During a stressful situation, consider mineral and vitamin supplements that will replace the stress-depleted nutrients. Go for supplements that are rich in vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B complex. In addition, you can opt for herbal supplements that will facilitate digestion and includes aloe Vera, kava, liquorices root, ginger and dandelion mint.

5. Drinks: To reduce stress, cut down on stimulant drinks such as soda, tea and coffee. You can replace such drinks with decaffeinated tea or coffee, herbal teas and 100% fruit juices. To protect the kidneys and avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water.

6. Carry a snack: Carry healthy snacks that are nutrients rich while driving or walking. Such snacks will avoid blood sugar dips and reduce fatigue. Such snacks that are vital to proper physical functioning and to the general body health include granola bars, trail mix and certain energy bars.

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